Is Renee Zellweger a Plastic Surgery Nightmare?!

If you've been missing the talented Renee Zellweger, we've got some good news Ravishers: reports are circulating that she's signed on to a new film, which will mark her first big-screen appearance in four years.

Yeah, yeah yeah, enough of that. Get to the good stuff. What is up with Renee's freaky Botoxed face?!

The Huffington Post story about Zellweger's film return was quick to point out her "evolving appearance" and the questions it's raised about getting plastic surgery.

This backlash began last year, when America's one-time sweetheart began stepping out with a slightly thinner and younger-looking face. Attacks since have ranged from straight-up slams about her "wide-eyed, frozen face" and "startlingly frozen face and squinty eyes!"  to the helpful "This is Not a Good Look, Renee Zellweger." Of course, plenty of "expert" surgeons have also weighed in, but always with the disclaimer that they've never actually treated her.

So has Renee been enshrined as another heartbeaking-ly tragic plastic-surgery cautionary tale, joining actresses such as Lara Flynn Boyle, Meg Ryan and, most recently, Kim Novak?! Which raises another question...

Is the Plastic Surgery Backlash Good or Bad?

On one hand, it's somewhat commendable to make a statement against beautiful women going under the knife, and certainly, plastic surgery isn't something to encourage. On the other hand, is bashing an actress for getting plastic surgery any better than bashing her for aging without it? In the case of Zellweger, the "dramatic" differences are honestly barely negligible, and could simply be attributable to age. Zellweger herself has since spoken out against the accusations, calling them (alongside claims she's anorexic) "cruel and disappointing."

Unfortunately for her, there's pretty much nothing she can say at this point to change the narrative. She's officially joined the plastic surgery disaster club. And once you're in, you can never get out.

Image: ipernity

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