Introducing the World's Most Masturbate-able People

Recently, Porn MD released a live search engine. We enjoyed it (too much). Well, a lovely infograph is now here to show you the top searches on porn sites across the globe!

Curious? We were too. 

The World's Top Three Porn Site Searches: 

1. Alexis Texas

Apparently, she has boo-tay for days.

2. Lisa Ann

Very naturally pretty.

3. Selena Gomez

Wait, what?? Wasn't she a Disney Channel kid?

Yes. Feel creeped out. At least in the US Scarlett Johansson is #2.

Also interesting ...

Jennifer Lawrence is #2 in Peru (ummmm, she should #1 EVERYWHERE)

Mom is #2 in Paraguary (seriously, it just reads "mom" - maybe they're Futurama fans?)

AND (best of all)

Alan Stafford (gay male porn star) comes in at #3 in Russia, despite Putin's anti-gay policies.

Suck, it Putin.

Image: Our country's second fave, ScarJo. Courtesy of DebianArt


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