Lame "First Kiss" Video Gets an Upgrade

By now you know what it looks like when "strangers" (i.e. paid models) kiss for the first time.

You haven't? Lucky you. Basically, a bunch of people on Facebook cried over how "beautiful" it looks when strangers kiss for the first time. Too bad when I do it, it's called "trashy" and "time to go home," or "aren't you still seeing that guy with the brown hair?" Then everyone learned that the viral video was actually an ad and the "strangers" were all paid models.

So, it's beautiful people who play pretend for a living. Not so genuine after all.

If you're looking for much better video, look no further than "First Handjob (First Kiss Parody)." It has all the awkwardness of:

1.) Weird O faces
2.) Flaccid penis
3.) Uncomfortable reach arounds
4.) Bro on bro

And so much more. Need a tissue? We won't tell.

Image: courtesy of Pimm's Girl YouTube channel

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