Watch: Break Dancing Cop, or Elaborate Stunt?

As the wise Abraham Lincoln once said, "you can't believe everything you read on the internet." Including that quote. Or this article. Still, you can't take everything so seriously! Sometimes it's better to participate in—as poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge coined it—a "willing suspension of disbelief." 

It's Friday, so get ahead and get suspended baby! Here we see an bold break dancer bust a move in what looks like a giant warehouse. He's good. People cheer. Okay. Then, a uniformed COP pushes his way into the circle. Turns out, this donut lovin' gun totin' man knows how to dance! The cop totally shows up the street performer, not once, but TWICE! The crowd cheers. Barriers break. iPhone cameras are in a tizzy trying to capture every single moment. Briefly, everyone likes the police a little BIT more.

(I mean yeah, this just isn't real but so much of the fun things in life aren't. Ce la vie.)

Image: don't be shy, just bust a move. Courtesy of, Wikimedia

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