Throwback Thursday: Battle of the '90s Nickelodeon Jingles!

Recently, I got into a rather hilariously impassioned conversation about how totally amazing in every way Nickelodeon shows were in the early '90s. Because, duh, they were. Naturally, this led to an even more dramatic debate about which show had the best opening theme song, followed by sing-shout renditions of classic jingles and some surprisingly fired-up opinions.

It was blissful, obnoxious and, yes, maybe a little bit booze-fueled. Which is to say, we absolutely had to share it with you all on this Throwback Thursday!

So my fellow millennials, behold these three classic Nickelodeon theme songs of our youth. We dare you not to sing along with shamelessly nostalgic delight.

"Clarissa Explains It All"

This song is literally just "na-na-na-na-na" over. and over. and over again. Yet somehow each "na" manages to capture the very essence of teen-dom, from the angst and whininess to the moments of flippant fun. Plus, it is quite possibly the catchiest nonsensical song this side of "Mmmmbop." *Oh my god please get out of my head.

Bonus points for the superb accompanying intro featuring Clarissa's fierce pink-tights fashion and ridiculously cheesy graphics.

"Hey Dude"

While the only thing most 20- and 30-somethings can remember about this song is the elongated, bellowing "Heyyyyy duuuuude" at the end, it is so much more than that. The jaunty cowboy melody is delivered with the perfect nasal twang, and that bass-voiced beast behind the final "hey dude" also delivers a mean "yippy-kie-yie-yay" echo (what?) Oh, and if you're wondering, the background music is best enunciated as "bow-na-now-now-now-na-now-now."

"All That"

As a kid, was there any theme song cooler than this rap-tinged hip-hop jam? Props to the background singers for nailing some sweet Salt-n-Peppa-esque harmonies, and to whoever coined the world's best jingle intro. "Fresh out the box," aw yeah!

So, which song is the best? Debate! But be forewarned: the conversation will probably get heated.

Image: Vimeo

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