2 Minutes in the Sack? It's Normal!

New research has confirmed our worst fears: 45% of men finish sex in two minutes. Yikes. That's not even enough time to unclasp some bras! Yet as much as I'd like to wage war against quickie boners—and even though the grandaddy of sex studies, Alfred Kinsey, denounced speedy sex sessions as a major romance killer—it may be time to lay off these in-and-out men.


Because whether or not they want to admit it, men are at a disadvantage when it comes to the horizontal tango. Not only do we look uhhh-mazing naked, but it's their genitals that dictate how long the sex will last. If he takes too long, it starts to chafe. Too short? Some of us sigh and lament, "I just thought that would last longer." That's a lot of pressure, and concerns about doing something wrong can lead to serious anxiety.

So instead of singing about how you don't want no minute man, be accepting when your guy crosses the finish line before you've even run your first lap. Have an orgasm-or-bust plan ready. It may involve toys or some good old-fashioned cunnilingus, but the bottom line is you should both feel satisfied and have no hurt feelings—no matter what Missy Elliott says.

Image: Well, someone didn't get off. Courtesy of, ThinkStock

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