The Limited Launches Olivia Pope-inspired Collection from Scandal 

Olivia Pope kicks ass, and we know it. No matter how visibly pregnant Washington was, or how Dr. freakin Suess silly the plot got, Scandal's last (and oh-so-turbulent) season still made stuff like Revenge and The Mistresses look like the dark side of High School Musical. Washington breathes fire into her character, period. And while we might want to emulate her sassy walk and fast talk . . . we're not sure we want to look like her. 

Will gloves be involved....? Olivia's signature style

But Scandal's costume designer Lyn Paolo and The Limited seem to think otherwise.  Boasting double-breasted jackets and cream trenches, wide-leg trousers and maybe a 'wine cardigan' for those hours of Fitz lusting on the sofa. "We are introducing a collection that embodies the elegance and power of the Scandal aesthetic for real-life gladiators and everyday fashionistas," said Kerry Washington about the news.

Beige? You bet!

As excited as we are about being a "real-life gladiator," we'd much rather wear Washington's real-life clothes. Olivia Pope kicks ass, but her style is so strongly intertwined with her, well, lifestyle.  Walking into the oval office and yelling at interns is not something we do on daily basis, and Olivia's minimal color palette of white, cream grey and black isn't for everyone. (And really—gloves? On the regular? Please.)

Also, let's face it—Pope's wardrobe is just fancied-up office clothes; Washington's red-carpet gigs are much, much more exciting. All those splashes of neon, geometric prints and clean structure d lines makes us swoon like Cyrus for power and domination. It's out of Lyn Paolo's hands, of course, but maybe we can plead to Erin Walsh, Washington's stylist: give us a Kerry collection!

Because we might be Olivia Pope in the office, but want Kerry Washington in our closets.


Images: Courtesy of ABC

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