Writer and blogger. New Girl laugh-out-loud addict. Walk-in closets enthusiast. Nigella Lawson admirer. Passionate fashion lover. Wishful traveler. Soon to be dressmaker.

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Joi Gordon: CEO Of Dress For Success

From lawyer to CEO of a nonprofit.
Flora Tsapovsky   |   07.20.15 2:00am   |   SHARE

Why I'll Never Give Up My Blond, Frizzy, Annoying Hair

Being a Russian immigrant meant being showered with stereotypes, and my hair didn't fit anywhere. Russian girls had slick, straight strands. Other Jewish girls had heavy, dark waves.
Flora Tsapovsky   |   07.10.15 2:00am   |   SHARE

Kelly Egan: Lifestyle Blogger

Pediatrician by day, blogger by night.
Flora Tsapovsky   |   06.29.15 4:00am   |   SHARE

Nicole Stevenson, DIY Mastermind

The DIY queen drops pearls of wisdom.
Flora Tsapovsky   |   06.15.15 4:00am   |   SHARE

Cari Borja: Designer, Anthropologist

salon dinner hostess. former pro rollerskater. multi-hyphenate extraordinaire.
Flora Tsapovsky   |   03.27.15 4:00am   |   SHARE

Kat Engh & Nina Asay: Fashion Bloggers

instagram queens. style inspirations. body positivity promoters.
Flora Tsapovsky   |   02.23.15 1:39am   |   SHARE

Girls Fashion, Ranked From Best To Worst

In honor of the juggernaut's return, we've asked the question: Who has the best style?
Flora Tsapovsky   |   01.11.15 1:42pm   |   SHARE

Fringe Fashion: A Very Hairy Situation With Charlie le Mindu

Meet Charlie le Mindu, the man behind 'haute coiffure' — yep, that's wearable hair fashion.
Flora Tsapovsky   |   01.9.15 12:02pm   |   SHARE

Stop Whining About Having Nothing To Wear: 10 Real Ways To Shop Your Closet

Start 2015 by putting together a whole new wardrobe—with these new ways to approach your dresser.
Flora Tsapovsky   |   01.8.15 11:39am   |   SHARE

In Memoriam: Tim Burton And Helena Bonham Carter's Wacky Red Carpet Style

In which we lament the loss of a fabulously frumpy pair.
Flora Tsapovsky   |   12.29.14 2:40pm   |   SHARE