Watch: The Surprising Way Stingrays Give Birth

All of Earth's mighty creatures carry about their business in various weird ways. Take, for instance, the stingray. They're eccentric critters to begin with (aren't they basically the birds of the ocean?), but as a Florida family of fishers recently learned, they're particularly odd when giving birth. 

Calvin Conger was out for what he presumed was a normal day of fishing when he accidentally caught a stingray. Initially, he planned to use it as bait, but then he noticed something: The stingray was in the process of giving birth. She pushed and pushed, until—with a hand from Conger—a baby stingray literally came flying out . . . followed by another little stingray. Twins! 

Delivering multiple babies isn't unusual for stingrays, but it certainly surprised Conger's boat. And all in all, the slippery succession makes for an interesting watch. Even though mama stingray got some help from Conger, the whole procedure looks a helluva lot easier than human birth. 

Plus, how funny is it to think about those little stingray twins wearing matching outfits? I mean, c'mon



Image: Awww, it's smiling! Courtesy of, ThinkStock



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