Cleavage Diving Necklaces: Are We Offended or Delighted?

Holy Elizabeth Cady Stanton, what do we make of this (maybe) misogynistic jewelry collection?! 

Recently, a female artist was arrested for violating Japanese law in her mission to create a 3D vagina boat (I can't even. Just click this). In further celebration of luscious lady parts, we've found another Japanese artist (who, to my knowledge, has never been arrested) called ekoD Works (or, Error Code Works) that seems to have a bit of a boob fascination. 

Actually, they seem to have a fascination with all things odd—as evidenced by their nose-shaped outlets. Though, there's one particularly eye catching design we couldn't resist:


Yup. That's an astronaut diving into a woman's cleavage. But wait, there's more! We also have a scuba diver, a swimmer, a normal dude and . . . a parachuter? Geronimo! 

As with any work of art, there is room for debate. Should we be offended by this design or delight in it's emphasis on our come-hither cleavage. It is childish? Sure. Is it mocking a cross-cultural obsession with breasts? You bet. Is it actually offensive of demeaning? Probably not. I mean, yeah, it's men soaring down there—but some of them are scantily clad, and others don a gender neutral costume. Being a gender equality advocate is so confusing you guys! 


In the end, it's up to the wearer. Certain to end up in many a gag gift exchange, these necklaces will likely cause a stir for quite some time. Then again, here's another design by ekoD Works 

Yeah. I give up. 

Images: Courtesy of, Facebook
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