Watch: Mary Poppins is Fed Up with the Minimum Wage

After a decades-long hiatus, Saving Mr. Banks has catapulted Mary Poppins back into the popular spotlight. But this time around she’s not going to nanny out of the goodness of her heart.

This Funny or Die clip shows Poppins, played immaculately by Kristen Bell, outlining to her wards—in her patented oh-so-practical way—that she can simply not subsist on minimum wage. She’s hightailing it out of the stingy household, but leaving an important axiom behind: Just three dollars more per hour can make a living wage!

She lays out the gravity of living beneath the poverty line with some very sad penguin cartoons, and even has a bit of a row with her mirror image, who plays devil’s advocate for the status quo. In addition to this valuable lesson, the children also learn the most highfalutin curse word ever imagined. Because even when fed up with one’s socioeconomic status, one should always remain classy.  


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