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I Quit My Job Because of Chronic Illness

When you hear about a person with a chronic illness working or not working or considering quitting a job, these decisions were not made lightly. Read...
Lisa Marie Basile    |   11.6.18   |   SHARE
Self-care is my favorite thing, but honestly, the amount of work that it currently takes for me to get some space and actually take care of myself is so monumental.

You're Not Forgetful, You're Overworked

When I talked to my doctor about the forgetfulness and resulting anxiety I was experiencing, she suggested that I make lists, try bullet point Read...
Carrie Saum    |   02.14.18   |   SHARE
Unfortunately, mental illness stops for no one, and I had to quickly improvise new ways to feel stable.

Working Full-Time With Mental Illness Is Hard: Here's How I Do It

Creating safeguards like this for myself has allowed me to better navigate the unpredictability of mental illness while working a fulltime job. Read...
Deidre Olsen    |   11.13.17   |   SHARE
For every deluge of garbage you find yourself buried under, know that this too shall pass, that no singular issue has the power to take you down, and that you will conquer each beast in time.

Life Is Hard Work. So If You Want To Eat Cake, Just Do It.

Life is hard work, and I think we all know this with varying degrees of certainty. It’s grueling, it’s relentless, it’s at times unforgiving, and it Read...
Sandy Jorgenson    |   06.20.17   |   SHARE
Working from home means your self-care might look a bit different from that employed by folks who work outside the home, but it definitely doesn’t mean you should forgo self-care altogether. Image: Thinkstock.

5 Ways To Practice Self-Care When You Work From Home

For many people — myself included — working from home is a dream. But it’s not all sunshine and daisies. Work is work, and work can be difficult Read...
Sian Ferguson    |   07.20.16   |   SHARE

WAIT? Being A Working Mom Might Help My Kids? Staying At Home Might ALSO Help My Kids?

Working as a stay-at-home mom benefits your kids. Working out of the home benefits your kids. In other words: you’re doing it right. Yes, you. All of Read...
Amanda Jo Greep    |   05.20.15   |   SHARE
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Maternity Coaching Aims To Support Pregnant Women In The Workforce 

More and more programs are offering services to help companies support and retain women during their maternity transition. Read...
Joni Edelman    |   12.10.14   |   SHARE

Watch: Mary Poppins is Fed Up with the Minimum Wage

This practically perfect nanny is quitting her ill-paying job, but not before teaching the children a valuable lesson about the poverty line. Read...
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