Watch a Tiny Hamster in Tiny Mansion Have a Tiny Baller Life

YouTube screenshot

YouTube screenshot

And now for your Friday viewing pleasure, we bring you the latest contribution to the YouTube “Tiny Hamsters” craze. We’ve seen tiny hamsters eating tiny burritos and consuming a tiny pizza. Now, we get to delve into the psychological underpinnings of tiny hamsters. They aren’t just eating machines—there’s so much more to their daily head-space.

This hamster, named “Chicken” for obvious reasons (?), lives in an immaculate converted doll house. She rises from her tiny bed, bathes in her tiny bathroom (tragically drinks from a tiny toilet) and takes off for errands in her tiny pink car.

Ok ok, in between these activities she’s mostly eating. (But when you have no body image issues and no other pressing needs in life, why not consume food in a steady blur?)


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