Watch: Cover of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” Goes From Peppy To Gloomy In 5 Seconds Flat

Taylor Swift’s new music video is the talk of the town. She’s received plenty of criticism over the years, but she’s turning that frown upside down with her upbeat response to just “Shake It Off”!

Well, it turns out the frown stays upside down when the melody of the song is rewritten from major key to minor—as it is in this cover of Swift's video by the sick gang of the Gregory Brothers. Suddenly, lyrical attempts to stay peppy when confronted by haters just sound . . . depressed.

Gregory sister Sarah Fullen plays the part of sad-Taylor, who in this version crawls awkwardly beneath the wan legs of the fellas as they twerk what their momma gave them, and dons a cheerleader costume with an 8-month pregnancy belly. That level of fetal development must really limit the jump and stunt possibilities. Rounding out the melancholic twist on the video is the presence of not one but two grim reapers accompanying the song in the background.

The creation is summed up with the video explanation that “It’s very difficult to shake things, when you are very very sad.” They speak truth. Enjoy!


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