Ravishly's Top 5 Reads Of The Week

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Credit: ThinkStock

Oh, hello dear Ravishers! Happy Saturday. In case you've been running around like a chop-headed chicken this week—our own necks are feelin' that swinging axe—we've rounded up some of our favorite thoughts, tales, and secrets from the week.

Read on and revel!


Finally Swimming In A Sea Of Truth: After Super Bowl XLIX, I Realize I Am A Left Shark

Ravishly editor Kelley Calkins makes a startling self-discovery during half-time.

Choice quote: "I’ve been flopping my finlike appendages around, ungracefully out of sync with the rest of society since I was in utero."


The NFL’s Domestic Violence PSA Is A Call-To-Inaction

Audra Williams takes aim at the impotence of the NFL's attempt to address domestic violence during the Super Bowl.

Choice quote: "There is no challenge in this ad. If anything, they have somehow managed to give a happy ending to an ad about a woman being brutally beaten by her partner. This happy ending feels like absolution. Viewers are relieved for the 911 dispatcher’s quick thinking, thankful the police are on their way, and not implicated in any way for participating in or perpetuating violence against women."

The Problem With A Curvy Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Going Viral   

Ravishly editor Nikki Gloudeman wonders if we should drop the term "plus-size" altogether.

Choice quote: "Like so many other terms in our cultural lexicon ("transgender" or "disabled"), "plus size" negates normalcy, positioning these words and the people whom they describe directly at odds with what society has fallaciously and damningly peddled as "desirable." There are regular people and there are "plus size" people. If you're in the latter camp, kiss any hope of desirable normalcy goodbye."


Yes, I'm A Bearded Lady; No, I'm Not "Grateful" For Your Attention

Little Bear Schwarz lets us in on on a secret: Just because you've been othered, doesn't mean you need to take, tolerate, or love whoever and whatever comes your way.

Choice quote:  "I used to be an active member of the “Bearding Community” (yes, actually a thing) where cis men would gather and trade photos of their impressive beard, and talk about how strong and manly and virile they were because of a bunch of follicles that sprout from their face.  

It was bonding. It was communal. It was congratulatory. Then I posted a picture of me, and of MY beard. It was divisive. It was isolating. It was strange. But most of all, it was “othered,” which made it open season for admonishment."

If I Ever Want To Get Married, I'll Do The Proposing

Ravishly editor Katie Tandy dissects the ritual of proposing and why woman are so damn scared to pop the question themselves.

Choice quote: "I am very very disturbed, angry, and prepared to rant about the act of proposing. No, not the act. For what are we—as Nietzsche said man is "the animal who makes promises"—if not promisers. It is in our nature to pledge and vow, offer oaths and commitments. We promise ourselves, God, our friends, lovers, partners, parents, strangers, co-workers, and enemies alike. We wile away the days promising to do one thing or another. And how strange these promises are."

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