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Born and raised in the Bay Area, Jody Amable is a freelance writer and editor specializing in music coverage. When she's not working, she's probably baking, attempting to learn the accordion, or watching a Law & Order episode she's seen 20 times already.

Jody Amable's Articles

The Surprising Feminist Value Of 592 Emails About Hot Guys 

A lusty email thread has become one of the greatest feminist forces in my life that no one knows about.
Jody Amable   |   03.20.15 9:02am   |   SHARE

This App Puts Women's History On The Map

Be honest: Field trips weren’t always that fun. Unless they were of the end-of-the-year-trip-to-the-water-park variety, they were often the same dusty old lessons, just in a different location. The best part was usually eating... Read...
Jody Amable   |   03.18.15 8:50am   |   SHARE

Move Over, Jackson: 15 Women Who Belong On The $20 Bill

There’s been a big push lately to oust Andrew Jackson from the $20 bill and replace him with a woman. Here are the contenders.
Jody Amable   |   03.11.15 2:42pm   |   SHARE

Dustin, The Racist Hiring Manager I'll Never Forget

This man was terrifyingly comfortable making an underhandedly racist statement to my face.
Jody Amable   |   03.6.15 2:00am   |   SHARE

Dear H&M: Don't Tell Me To Hide My Curvy Body

The latest style trend seems to send a subliminal message to women: Don't be too proud.
Jody Amable   |   02.17.15 2:51pm   |   SHARE

Count Down SNL's Best Feminist Moments With Us

To honor Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversay, we celebrate its grossest, weirdest, best moments of female comedy.
Jody Amable   |   02.7.15 7:43am   |   SHARE

The Best (And Worst) Books We Were Forced To Read In High School   

In honor of Harper Lee coming out with a new book, we look back at those formative high school years . . .
Jody Amable   |   02.7.15 3:00am   |   SHARE

Queens Of Africa Dolls Outsell Barbie—Toy Industry, Are You Listening?

These dolls have knocked Barbie clean off her pink, plastic perch in Nigeria. Now, will the rest of the industry finally wake up?
Jody Amable   |   02.5.15 1:31pm   |   SHARE

Allow Us To Introduce You To Some Women Who Understand Football

These women exist, and they'd really like you to stop re-tweeting dumb jokes about how they hate sports.
Jody Amable   |   01.30.15 12:11pm   |   SHARE

Emma Watson As Belle In Beauty And The Beast Remake: A Win For Feminism

UN Women's Ambassador as Disney princess? Actually, it makes a lot of sense.
Jody Amable   |   01.26.15 2:00pm   |   SHARE