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Born and raised in the Bay Area, Jody Amable is a freelance writer and editor specializing in music coverage. When she's not working, she's probably baking, attempting to learn the accordion, or watching a Law & Order episode she's seen 20 times already.

Jody Amable's Articles

A Grown-A** Woman Reads Harry Potter: I Get Things Now!

I can boo at Snape because I GET THINGS NOW.
Jody Amable   |   01.15.16 2:00am   |   SHARE

A Grown-A** Woman Reads Harry Potter: Death, Dementors, And Other Fun Things

All I want for Christmas is a Molly Weasley sweater.
Jody Amable   |   12.15.15 2:00am   |   SHARE

A Grown-A** Woman Reads Harry Potter: Gettin' Eerie In October

Here is my current problem: THE WORLD IS FULL OF SPOILERS.
Jody Amable   |   11.16.15 2:00am   |   SHARE

A Grown-A** Woman Reads Harry Potter For The First Time: Mirrors, Malfoys, Unexpected Feels

I got all the way to page 209 before crying for the first time.
Jody Amable   |   10.15.15 2:00am   |   SHARE

This Papa Murphy's Commercial Will Make You Rage Quit TV

#MasculinitySoFragile, amirite?
Jody Amable   |   09.30.15 2:00am   |   SHARE

A Grown-A** Woman Reads Harry Potter For The First Time

I’ve made it all the way to adulthood — not even young adulthood; it’s now just regular old adulthood — without touching Harry Potter.
Jody Amable   |   09.15.15 2:00am   |   SHARE

Female Journalist Dr. Dre Beat Up Blasts Straight Outta Compton

Moral of the story: Beat up a woman and you, too, could play Coachella one day.
Jody Amable   |   08.19.15 2:00am   |   SHARE

You Guys, The Ice Bucket Challenge Actually Worked

Jimmy Fallon and the Roots ice-bucket away. Image: YouTube Good news, people who dumped water on themselves for charity! Your efforts paid off. Literally. Some of you may remember the Ice Bucket Challenge — a blink-and-you'll-miss-it viral trend that took the... Read...
Jody Amable   |   08.12.15 3:24pm   |   SHARE

Trans Weightlifter Leads Men's Health "Ultimate Guy" Contest

In "Maybe the World Isn't So Bad After All" news, Aydian Dowling is in the lead for this year's Men's Health Ultimate Guy contest. Yeah, yeah, yeah. They did this last year, too; why is this news? Well, because Aydian is a trans man. He's currently the... Read...
Jody Amable   |   04.21.15 11:07am   |   SHARE

Dear Joan: An Apology From A Feminist Mad Men Fan

You are smart, Joan, and you have talents—you just haven’t been allowed to find out what they are.
Jody Amable   |   03.30.15 12:05am   |   SHARE