Allie Volpe


Allie Volpe is a writer and social media consultant based in Philadelphia. She has contributed to Noisey, Nylon, Thrillist, Observer, the Philadelphia Inquirer and more. You can find her running along the Schuylkill River, listening to sad music and writing (obvs). Follow her on Twitter. 

Allie Volpe Articles

I needed to remind myself that being lonely is not the same as being alone. Yes, I was experiencing both, but someone, somewhere must’ve been thinking about me, right? (Image Credit: Unsplash/Jack Eiselt)

'Finding' Myself In California

In a time where everything was in flux, in transit, I thought leaving would be how I overcame the things I thought were, in fact, turning their backs on me. I wanted to be the one to rip the band-aid off first. As it turns out, that has never been the case and likely never will be.