Bill Maier LCSW

Bill Maier LCSW


"When you come into therapy it is a time to expand the sense of yourself.  Our job is to get familiar with the values that have helped you get through difficult situations and use them now. You may be a combat veteran, mental health or law enforcement worker having family or relationship problems.  You need clear and practical strategies for replacing automatic reactions with mindful responses.  Feeling understood by another human being is useful for flexible problem solving and clarifying your values.  The majority of my experience is working with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.  PTSD will definitely get better with knowledgeable treatment." I have helped many survivors of childhood trauma and neglect to develop a felt sense of safety to explore new choices. You are never to old or young to recognize and reorganize damaging habits. Setting up patterns of self-improvement is life long and satisfying. I would be happy to provide you or your group with a presentation or training on trauma recovery, Attachment Theory and/or their neuroscience. I am available as a consultant for therapists.   Please call or email to find out how I can be helpful for you.

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