Cat Silverman

Cat Silverman


Catherine Silverman covers the NHL and team prospects for Today's Slapshot, part of the Fanrag Sports network. She's been slowly moving farther west to escape the East Coast humidity, and keeps falling in love with the stories behind non-conventional hockey fanbases along the way. She's a shameless Brad Marchand apologist and Jimmy Craig nut, which may be a result of her secret obsession with minor league hockey and the way they play the game. If she's not at the rink, she's either out for a run or binge watching old CW dramas with her thumb hovering over the Pizza Hut speed dial button. 

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What's A Woman, Whether She Loves Sports Or Not, Without A Voice?

n Arizona they want to know, why I like hockey instead of football. I've gotten reactions to pieces I've written from fans in Canada telling me that 'maybe if I was from a hockey town, I would understand things better' - forget the fact that I've been on skates since I was three and came home from the hospital in a snowsuit - and I've been told to 'watch the game' more times than I can count.