Clayton Olson

Clayton Olson


Secretly, you feel like you won’t ever get it together, right? You’re all over the place. All of your relationships tend to end the same way and you’re tired of getting it wrong. Allow me to help you get your head and your heart in harmony. I’ve learned all about those dizzying circles we run in, when we’ve lost our way. I know because I was once where you are. After my dad died, I became acutely aware of all the little 'imps' in my head and my negative psychology became very apparent to me.  I committed to a journey of redefinition and purging to align myself once again. Ever since, I’ve been studying something called Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) for over 10 years now.  That’s just a complicated way of saying, I study the human experience and how creating new behavioral patterns transform your life. NLP was my introduction and catalyst to transforming who I was on a profound level. NLP granted me the tools to affect permanent change in my life as well as in the lives of others. I’ve also studied Strategic Invention through Robbins Madanes Center and led Social Dynamic workshops helping men solve confidence, body language, and dating issues.  I am certified through Coach Training Alliance for over two years. Since then I’ve recognize in myself a firm passion for helping people of all walks of life with their relationships, love life , and dating. I have coached hundreds of men and women through breakups, and relationship reconciliation. With my guidance they found the empowerment to move forward in ways that were in agreement with their values. One of the most powerful things I learned that I want to teach you, is how to ask yourself the right questions.  The right questions provide the pathway and power to invite new possibilities into your life. I want to reveal to you your power to author your own life and close chapters on behaviors and patterns incongruent with what you really, deeply want. We will start with the basics and I will lead you through practical, measurable steps, to transform your mind, behavior and ultimately your life.  I’ve learned that our relationships are not simply relationships but, relation and reflection of and to our own psychology. When we change and transform so will our relationships. It will take courage, faith and outside of the box thinking for this shift to occur, but I already believe in your authority to change your outcomes. When I’m not coaching. I spend time hiking the Denver, Colorado Mountains, traveling and doing adult gymnastics to stay fit and agile.

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