Dorian Smith-Garcia

Dorian Smith-Garcia


Dorian Smith-Garcia is a bridal expert and the founder of The Anti Bridezilla, a New York based bridal inspiration site that features couture bridal fashion and luxury destination weddings. The primary focus is to provide information for American bridal couples interested in non-traditional destination weddings. Dorian uses her own wedding planning experiences to offer guidance as she was a destination bride who married in Tokyo, Japan. When Dorian isn't managing The Anti Bridezilla, she’s a marketing consultant for entertainment and fashion brands based in the US and international markets.  

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The Truth About Marriage in 2015

I love weddings! This goes without saying since I’m a bridal expert and founder of the bridal inspiration site, The Anti Bridezilla. And, I’m also married. But as much as I love weddings, and fully support marriage equality, I’m also the first to say that the concept of marriage today versus the past has changed drastically.