Dr. Kate Siner

Dr. Kate Siner


I am an educator, facilitator and author, with a PhD in Psychology.  I have dedicated my life and career to helping people find, develop and own their personal fulfillment and business success by connecting to their true selves and taking powerful action.  My dedication to this works comes from struggling as a single mother with only my GED in my early 20's and pulling myself up by my bootstraps to where I am today running the successful, multi-sixfigure mentoring business, Dr. Kate Inc. While completing my PhD I worked as a hands on healer and massage therapist. I have facilitated transformational work for 1000's of people internationally, am a certified Core Energetics Therapist, an Expressive Arts therapist as well as being trained in numerous other therapeutic modalities. I am committed to lifelong growth and development and am currently training with Barbara Brennan at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. I have been on NBC, ABC, Fox, and other major networks affiliates speaking on fulfillment and success as well as been featured and quoted in numerous journals, magazines, as well as online resources. I also host a radio show “Real Answers” each week.  This year I won the 2015 Women Entrepreneur to Watch Award from Rhode Island Small Business Journal and have also been on WPRO, MIX Talk of the Town,  Consciousness Network, TalkStream Radio and others. 

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