Fiona Landers

Fiona Landers


Fiona Landers is a writer, actor and singer. She and her sister, Lily Landers, wrote a collection of essays about the loss of their father called ‘A Series of Bungee Cords.’ Her writing has been featured on the Hairpin. Fiona writes and performs musical and sketch comedy regularly at the UCB Theatre Los Angeles and appears in movies and tv shows she hasn't been cut out of.

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I need you to know that I tried very hard. It is very difficult to be a wife, Jeff, I hope you can do it.

I Sold My Wedding Dress To A Guy Named Jeff

I think about you every day, Jeff. Ebay Jeff. Jeff who lives in Philadelphia. What did you do with my wedding dress, Jeff? Did you wear it? Did you buy it for your fiancée? Is her name Jeff too? I hope you are a better wife than me, Jeff. I tried very hard.