Glynis Ratcliffe

Glynis Ratcliffe


Glynis Ratcliffe used to be an opera singer, but after her daughter begged her to stop singing and be quiet for the millionth time, she decided to use her inside voice and write instead. Now, she’s a freelance writer with bylines at The Washington Post, Scary Mommy, Romper, and CBC, as well as being a copywriter and ghostwriter for clients in various industries. You can find her on Facebook here and Twitter here.

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"At times, it feels like a silent horror movie is being played out in my head, one that I am a part of but have no control over." Image credit: Beth Solano via Unsplash

This Is What It's Like To Live With The Dark Side Of OCD

In all seriousness, there’s a side to this disorder that isn’t discussed enough because it’s uncomfortable. It’s uncomfortable for those of us who struggle because we’re afraid of being judged, and it’s upsetting and disturbing to hear that a friend or family member is experiencing them.