Jenny Splitter

Jenny Splitter


Jenny Splitter is a writer, storyteller and mother of two living in Washington, DC. She loves writing about controversy but doesn't really enjoy arguing on Twitter, unless it's about the Real Housewives or avocado toast. Here's where to find her on Facebook and Twitter. 

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Finding Refuge In Judaism As A Feminist Atheist

This past fall, I decided to stop worrying about the absence of my belief and allow myself the communal experience of prayer. I enjoy it, not because I believe in God, but because I enjoy the ritual.

Ask the author about the cake incident.

OK, I Quit My Diet. Now What? #DitchTheDiet2016

My first low-carb diet seemed like a miracle at the outset, but it ended badly when I found myself at a wedding reception eating countless pieces of discarded cake from the garbage can (ahem).

"At all stages of health and life, women are entitled to have their pain properly treated. Too often we minimize reality for someone else’s comfort"

My Mom's Doctor Said She Was "Just Stressed Out." She Had Cancer.

My mom was in her late forties when she began to develop headaches and stomachaches so severe she sometimes couldn’t get out of bed.