Jordan Kozey

Jordan Kozey


Jordan Kozey is a passionate psychotherapist and yogi who is terrified by writing and usually requires loads of procrastination before any words hit the page. Having completed a Masters in Integral Counseling Psychology out of San Francisco, Jordan resides on the prairies in Canada, mixing small city shenanigans with Eastern Wisdom and Western psychology. He also sees clients from all over the world on various issues related to men's health, living your passion, relationships, healing from trauma and abuse, lifting depression/anxiety, sex therapy, and runs Prometheus Men’s Group. For a consultation by Skype (jorkoze) or phone, you can email him at You can also follow him on Facebook or Twitter.  

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5 Ways To Change The World When Both You And Your Partner Are Triggered

Harmony and passion are the Holy Grails of relationship. Whenever we see a romantic movie or read a love story, we are given a wonderfully arrayed glimpse of how intoxicating and vibrant a life of good love can be.