Melissa Fenton

Melissa Fenton


"My name is Melissa Fenton and I am wife to the amazing Rick mother to four sons.  I am an adjunct faculty college librarian, a bibliophile, mother runner, knitter, and foodie.   I write humorous and sometimes heartfelt essays about parenting, including my life mothering all boys, running, parenting teens, nostalgia, etc.  For more information on my work, or questions, contact me stampitgal (at)"

Melissa Fenton Articles

When The World Fell Apart On 9/11, I Made Cinnamon Rolls

still make cinnamon rolls from scratch every once in a while. And every time I find myself pushing the rolling pin over the dough, I imagine I'm flattening out the despair of 14 years ago to give way to rising hope. I inhale the divine aroma and faithfully wait for the magic of the rise, and I know when it’s time, the smell with fill my kitchen with pure wonderfulness.