Pamela Hobart

Pamela Hobart


Pamela J. Hobart lives in San Francisco and holds a non-technical job in tech. Previously, she lived in New York City, but she was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. In her first career, Pamela worked as an academic philosopher then dropped out of a PhD at Columbia University. Now, you can find her doing philosophy mostly on Twitter. Pamela's interests span ethics, politics, feminism, and culture. She's probably the most conservative atheist you know. 

Pamela Hobart Articles

I Had A Starter Marriage Before I Met The One

Unfortunately, I participated in the cultural phenomenon now known as the “starter marriage,” having tied the knot with my college boyfriend in my early 20s. This marriage lasted only a year. My flakiness caused it to end quickly, but the mismatch between us was irreconcilable anyway.