Rachel Kuo

Rachel Kuo


Rachel Kuo is a scholar and educator based in New York City. Her professional background is in designing curriculum and also communications strategy for social justice education initiatives. Her writing and research interests include racial justice, media justice and digital media activism. She also loves learning about animals (especially dinosaurs and marine life), watching Chopped while ellipticalling, and eating any and all noodle varieties. You can follow her on Twitter @rachelkuo. Read her articles here.

Rachel Kuo Articles

If you buy into the “colorblind” ideology, you’re directly participating in a narrative designed to cover up ongoing oppressive atrocities. Image: Thinkstock.

3 Facts You May Not Know About The Racist Origins Of 'Colorblindness'

Where did this particular ideology of not “seeing” race come from? What are the origins of “colorblindness” and what are their current consequences? Here’s the disturbing legacy you’re building on if you take a “colorblind” approach to race.