Ruth M. Schimel

Ruth M. Schimel


Ruth M. Schimel, Ph.D. launched her career and life management consulting practice in 1983, using an original process to help clients honor their complexity and build on their strengths for personal and professional success, as they define it. Based on original doctoral research, Ruth published Choose Courage: Step Into the Life You Want using a range of disciplines, poetry, photos, and humor. A series of related short handbooks on success, relationships, happiness, and potential are following. All current ones are available at and through local bookstores.  Honoring human possibility, Ruth continues her interdisciplinary focus and learning related to the arts, sciences, and humanities. In 1998 Ruth founded The Schimel Lode, encouraging innovation and collaboration for the public good in the Washington, DC area.  Previously, a professor of human resources, diplomat, and management consultant, she speaks Spanish.  Currently, she is an author, speaker, facilitator, trainer, and workshop designer.

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