Samin Razzaghi

Samin Razzaghi


Samin Razzaghi is an ICF accredited Life Coach with over 10 years' experience facilitating personal and social change. She truly meets individuals and couples where they are at and provides them with a safe and judgment-free space to explore who they are, what they want, and how to get it.  She realizes how challenging it is to tune into our gifts and innate happiness in a culture plagued by disconnection, dehumanization and the pressure to abandon our unique loving selves. Samin takes a multifaceted approach and uses her strengths in coaching, expressive arts, reiki, earth medicine, and positive psychology to move clients from where they are to where they want to be.  She opens doors for clients to tap into their inner peace, connecting with their world in meaningful ways, and finding what happiness is to them!  Samin is a “professional compassionate” and a straight-up communicator that will put your well-being and needs above all!  She helps clients become aware of their challenges, goals, and move forward in an aligned way. Samin specializes in collaborating with girls, women, and parents.  She has helped 100’s of clients discover their strengths, hone strong relationship skills, expose toxic messages about their femininity, and thrive in their life.  She facilitates empowerment and plants seeds of personal growth which blossom well beyond the end of the coaching relationship.  Samin has a deep understanding of culture and ethnicity.  This gives her a unique approach to working with clients from a variety of cultures.  She migrated to Canada from Iran at a young age and has worked with clients from over 30 countries.   Whether her clients identify as mixed race, intercultural, ethnic minorities, or are looking for ways to navigate intercultural relationships or parenthood, she helps them to embrace their unique perspective and find the balance necessary to succeed in alignment with their values.    Stop suffering.  Start changing your life and the lives of those around you.   You have what it takes! Coach Samin will help you see yourself and your relationships in a fresh and empowering way and give you the confidence to take action! She BELIEVES in her clients and their capacity to DIG DEEP, LIVE BIG, and LOVE PASSIONATELY. 

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