SB Swartz

SB Swartz


SB Swartz is an author covering inclusive wellness, queer family, and reflections of our world as seen on tv. As a columnist with, SB writes the Step Bi Step series for bi parents. She would very much like to talk to you about queer tv characters, your pets, and the way you view the world. SB’s home is filled with an alphabetized record collection, Battlestar Galactica posters, and assorted members of her family both big and small. She adores them all.

SB Swartz Articles

“Oh honey, you’re doing great. I know, I’ve been there. And we’re going to get you through this.”

Mothers In Medicine Made My PPD Bearable

Mothers in the medical field got me into support groups, onto meds, and back into life again. I am so grateful for mothers in medicine.