Shae Collins

Shae Collins


Shae Collins is a writer and sign language interpreter. She enjoys uplifting readers through aiming a black feminist lens at pop culture on her blog, A Womyn’s Worth. She’s been published in Ms. Magazine, For Harriet, and Blavity. In her spare time, she tries her luck with aerial pole dance moves and follows funny hashtags on Twitter. Laugh with her on Twitter @awomynsworth. Read her Everyday Feminism articles here. 

Shae Collins Articles

Recognizing your biases really just means recognizing that white supremacy has an impact on you — just like it does on all of the rest of us. Image: Thinkstock.

3 Types Of Racists That Are More Dangerous Than What You Think  A Racist Looks Like 

Other than proud white supremacists like Great Uncle Jack, who really wants to be called racist? But many people are racist without even realizing that they are. This is because many of us have a skewed image of what a racist looks like.