Terry S. Kogan

Terry S. Kogan


Professor Kogan clerked for the U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals and then practiced law in Boston before joining the law school faculty in 1984. He served as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs from 1998 to 2003. Professor Kogan teaches in the areas of Contracts, Copyright Law, Trusts & Estates, Art Law, Legal Philosophy, and Sexuality and the Law. His most recent scholarship has explored issues related to photography and copyright law. He has spent the past decade considering the rights of transgender people, in particular issues surrounding the legal and cultural norms that mandate the segregation of public restrooms by sex. Professor Kogan has been active in gay and transgender politics in Utah, and serves on the Advisory Board of Equality Utah. In his spare time, he plays cello and is an avid swimmer.

Terry S. Kogan Articles

A 19th-century photograph of a women’s restroom in a Pittsburgh factory. Author provided.

How Did Public Bathrooms Get To Be Separated By Sex In The First Place?

Victorian values that stressed the importance of privacy and modesty were subjected to special challenge in factories, where women worked side by side with men, often sharing the same single-user restrooms.