Why I Don't Look Forward To Father's Day

Like too many others out there, we have a father who gave us some of his genes and not a whole lot more. Specifically, my father is an alcoholic — Read...
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I'm Not The Mom I Thought I'd Be

I always secretly hoped that having a child would transform me into a more responsible person. I would be a mother! Mothers have excellent dental Read...
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What Fathers Really Want For Father's Day

For starters, fathers want culture and media to take us seriously as parents. After all, it is 2015. We should be way past the bumbling Mr. Mom Read...
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me and dad, circa 1979

5 Things Friday: Sage (And Occasionally Odd) Advice From My Father

"Never have sex with a virgin." Which incidentally I did, not once, but twice. Read...
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image: Disney/Pixar

Inside Out: How Pixar Fails At Body Positivity And, Well, Everything

Children are tiny, impressionable sponges. And small children, presumably the movie’s target audience, are the most impressionable. Read...
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Why Jane Jetson Had The Future Figured Out

And there are some things missing in my life. Things I was promised on The Jetsons, by Jane Jetson herself. Man, I watched that show and saw the Read...
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When You Have To Lose Weight for a Baby, Not a Jean Size

I’ve wanted to be a mother my entire life, but always worried about my heart condition and whether I would be able to conceive. Finally, my chance Read...
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We're Having A Girl

Unlike the many women who dance towards the pink sugarplum visions having a girl conjures, I wanted desperately to escape. Read...
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