Plus-Size Model And Badass, Natalie Hage, Shuts A Fat-Shamer DOWN

image credit: Natalie Hage vis Instagram

image credit: Natalie Hage vis Instagram

When will people on airplanes just shut up already? Fat people ALSO get to fly.

Remember Monday when we talked about how nasty comments on Instagram are not a right?

While it IS, in fact, your right to text whatever you'd like, to whomever you'd like, if plus-size model Natalie Hage sees you, she is going to shut your ass down.

Exhibit A:

GIRL. Preach. 


If you didn't see the vid, last week, on a flight to somewhere that isn't relevant to the story (except it WAS a photo shoot), this asshole thought it would be Super Funny Fun Times to text someone about the fattie next to him. 

Exhibit B:

OH HAHA. Veyr funny.

Oh you're SO hilarious saying that the plane can't take off. I get it, it's because she's SOOOO fat. 

That's not how planes work, moron. You know they weigh literally 735,000 pounds, right?

At one point this asshole actually tells her she shouldn't be sitting in an exit row? Because fat people can't get out of a plane? What? She paid extra for that seat, dickhead. And frankly, if the plane goes down I hope she pushes your sorry ass out that exit door. (OK not really, that was super mean.)

It is hard enough to try to squeeze yourself into a seat that isn't big enough for your body, plus ask for a seatbelt extender, and worry about the person next to you being offended by your hip touching them, without ALSO having to deal with some dick talking shit about you RIGHT WHERE YOU CAN SEE IT.

I know cursing isn't Professional, but I am at my bullshit limit today. I am just thisclose to the f word. 

I can't make you stop texting, but I CAN call you out. 

GBLESS the Internet and my ability to write upon it. I hope you're reading this, and I hope next time you fly you're flanked by TWO fat people and also that you don't get any free nuts.

Shout out to my girl Whitney Way Thore for speaking up

As if Natalie didn't already have all the Ravishly love (see: Torrid round-up). Go girl. Go.

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