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This isn’t highschool; I’m not hosting a sleepover.

Sleepovers Are For Children: In Defense Of Hitting It And Quitting It

Spoon your pillow instead. Read...
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Sex, Shame, And Sex-Esteem: Unlearning Harmful Attitudes Toward Sexuality

It’s time we stop teaching shame and start spending more time fostering healthy sexual identities in young girls. Read...
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We know that mood, timing, desires, limits, as well as other prominent things like language barrier and sexual preference,  can quickly turn a “maybe” into “not an option.”

From Monogamy To Open Marriage: Wasting Time At A Swinger Club

A night at a swinger club does not always live up to expectations. Read...
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Sex positive does not mean I’m always available for sex.

The Complicated Intersection Of Being Female, Sex Positive, And Monogamous AF

It is a strange thing to find oneself at the tentative intersection of being female, sex positive, and in a long-term, monogamous relationship. Read...
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Only very brave people have the courage to be vulnerable.

The Science Of Vulnerability: Why Crying In Front Of Your Partner Strengthens Your Bond

Pretending you don’t have feelings doesn’t pay off. Read...
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Photo by BRUNO CERVERA on Unsplash

Living Together, Separately: On Not Sharing A Room With Your Partner

What if we’re simply doing monogamy wrong? Read...
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At this point, you might feel like some part of your anatomy is going to explode. Good. That’s the intended effect.

Sex Life Dull? Do This To Revive It In 7 Days

What if there was a way everything old could be brand new again? Read...
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