Gia Sees San Francisco For The First Time

"This is my first day in a city that I've been wanting to go to forever. I'm from Baltimore — I'm visiting a friend and I've always wanted to come, so I took the opportunity. I think the architecture of San Francisco has obviously caught my eye, but I also feel like I always draw parallels between new cities and cities I've been to. The architecture here is reminding me of Savannah — I lived there for a while. It's on the other side of the country, but the whole vibe here reminds me of Savannah. It's just like a huger version of it. The color, the architecture, the palm trees, the big parks in the middle of the city, and how it's very pedestrian-friendly. Walking around is awesome. I've been living in Baltimore since I was in Savannah, so I've missed that part of being outside and being able to walk and have a place to go and sit."

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