Witches crave organic spaces, otherwise we rebel in unforeseeable ways, otherwise we break their machines.

Witch: A Lyrical Essay Of Historical Proportions

It’s clear to see that the witch hunt has never truly died. This is no re-awakening, but proof that the witch hunt has been lying dormant.

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Hugh Hefner And Bill Cosby: What Happens When Your Friend Is A Rapist?

It's not easy to reconcile caring about someone with allegations of abuse against them. But sometimes, it's necessary.

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As A Mother, Feminist And Abuse Survivor, Here's What I Think Of The Lena Dunham Sex Abuse Allegations

When I heard about accusations that Lena sexually abused her sister, I was astonished. And my visceral emotional reaction prompted powerful questions.


Throwback Thursday: The Salem Witch Trial’s First Victim Wore Red And Drank Alcohol

The first woman killed in the infamous witch-hunt was seemingly condemned for her refusal to adhere to Puritanical social norms.