Jacklyn Janeksela

Jacklyn Janeksela


Jacklyn Janeksela works in fields of healing arts, manifestation work, and creative conjurings at Hermetic Hare. She writes about wellness, art, culture, the body, sex, magic, meditation, plant medicine, and astrology/alchemy/the occult. Her work can be found at Success, Consumer Health Digest,The HoneyColony. She lives between Prague, Czech Republic and Paris, France. She is an energy.  

Jacklyn Janeksela Articles

I turned away from all things that mean the holidays to the average person. I was alone with myself.

What I Learned When I Spent Christmas And New Years Meditating         

Once I registered for the ten-day course, it dawned on me that I would spend the holidays alone, meditating. I was also leaving behind parts of myself.

Here are some ways handwriting can help us in our everyday lives.

The Magical Benefits Of Handwriting 

Modern technology and electronics are pushing us to alter language. Here are some ways handwriting can help us in our everyday lives.

Witches crave organic spaces, otherwise we rebel in unforeseeable ways, otherwise we break their machines.

Witch: A Lyrical Essay Of Historical Proportions

It’s clear to see that the witch hunt has never truly died. This is no re-awakening, but proof that the witch hunt has been lying dormant.


My Schizophrenic Grandmother’s Footprints Are Just My Size

I had become utterly obsessed with the idea that the gene could ignite at any moment within my own body. As if the gene had preconceived notions or could sense a budding anti-establishment humor in me; as if I had already been fitted for the gene and the title to match, heavy indeed and without much say in the matter.