The Magical Benefits Of Handwriting 

Here are some ways handwriting can help us in our everyday lives.

Here are some ways handwriting can help us in our everyday lives.

We have never taken writing lightly. Since it’s inception, we have witnessed how it transforms our lives — from spiritual texts to novels and poetry to manuals. Words and ideas have traveled across centuries without losing their potency; they have found their ways into our hands for the pleasure of reading, time traveling, and resurrection. Writing’s existence proves how much stories are valued. And the continuation of written text says we understand what it means to leave behind a legacy.

Modern technology and electronics are pushing us to alter language. While this appears to be a natural evolution, what’s getting lost in translation is the connection between our ability to think and craft.  

Is handwriting becoming a lost art? 

The answer is complicated, but what cannot be ignored is the link between writing and building a successful life. Used as a way to explore the human experience and guide us to greatness, handwriting demands a revival

Here are some ways handwriting can help us in our everyday lives. 

1. Handwriting Helps Us Be More Present. 

Our ancestors pondered life in ways we might not be able to fathom today. They were not distracted by the internet; they were much more present. Being quiet enough to collect and consider our thoughts for the page is a testament to how much we value ourselves. Today, overrun by stress, our bodies demand stillness. Stress leads to anxiety (and in many cases depression). Handwriting is an act of mindfulness and self-care. The rewards include calmness, clarity, and increased self-confidence.

2. Handwriting Enhances Memory. 

Writing on paper demands focus. It’s holding a tool in the hand and scribing. Before computers, the best way to enhance memory was writing. Rote retention was the result of repeated recitation, and more importantly, repeated writing. Writing was how people successfully memorized information. For many of us, memory slips. But when we incorporate writing into our daily habits, we boost our chances of reaching old age with stronger, more intact memories. At home, blend in aromatherapy or spices and herbs for maximum brain-boosting power while you write. Not only will your senses thank you, but you’ll add an extra level of effectiveness to your writing practice.


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3. Handwriting Brings Magic Into The World. 

There is magic in writing. Writing letters, selecting words, constructing phrases — that’s summoning ideas into desires. The act of writing is a spell; some would even utter sigil magic. And if you write in cursive, you’re not just creating beautiful handwritten notes; you’re engaging in an art form that’s soon to be lost to the ages. Handwriting demands attention and organization. It's full of intention. Each time we write, we insert desire onto the page through the pen. It would be advised to be careful what you wish for, then!

4. Handwriting Helps Us Foster Ideas. 

The brain works fast — too fast to keep up with, in fact. And if we don’t keep up with our ideas, they vanish into oblivion. Writing is a powerful way to preserve inspiration. We’re often left staring into the screen with a dozen or more tabs open, mind on auto-pilot, and zero motivation. Put away the devices, pull out a pen, and let your own ideas stir you. And always carry a notebook with you. Plenty of small, stylish journals exist, so find one that suits your purpose and start a writing habit right now.  

5. Handwriting Is A Form Of Therapy. 

Writing as therapy is supported by science. The number one request of many therapists is to get a diary and start a writing schedule. Writing allows for reflection and progress. And there are various forms of therapeutic writing. Through the exchange of ideas, confessions, and sharing secrets, we learn more about ourselves — the life we want to have and the one we don’t want to have. We are able to see the best and worst versions of ourselves, and even witness transformation. 


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