anger management

Artwork: Tess Emily Rodriguez

Ask Erin: I Need Help With My Anger Issues

For me, getting angry is really easy, and to get out of anger is really difficult. This has brought me problems with all the people around me.

I wanted to reach inside myself and cut it away.

Erasing My Father’s Face From Mine

Little things, everything would annoy me. I couldn’t keep it down. I lost my temper, over and over. I felt the strain of it all, the sheer exhaustion of parenting two young kids. But it was more than that. This anger was reminiscent of something buried deep within me. A piece of my past that I’d buried down so far I didn’t even know it was there anymore.

"Being angry is something that I struggled with for a long time."

#MondaysWithMatt: Don't Push Your Anger Away

Happy Monday, Ravishers!