Sara Mann

Sara Mann


Sara Mann is trying to keep the peace in a household of 5 on overdrive. She writes about her strategies for keeping sane (mostly) at and @thesanityplan on Twitter, @thesanityplan on Facebook, and @thesanityplan on Pinterest.

Sara Mann Articles

Sometimes a drink helps me become a mom who is a little more playful, a little less stressed.

Can Alcohol Make You A Better Mom? 

I am the best mom ever after I’ve had a drink. Notice I said… A DRINK. Well, maybe a drink or two, depending on the poison. Not a plastered mom — just a happy mom.

I wanted to reach inside myself and cut it away.

Erasing My Father’s Face From Mine

Little things, everything would annoy me. I couldn’t keep it down. I lost my temper, over and over. I felt the strain of it all, the sheer exhaustion of parenting two young kids. But it was more than that. This anger was reminiscent of something buried deep within me. A piece of my past that I’d buried down so far I didn’t even know it was there anymore.

 I am making a decision to not weigh down my current situation with undeserved guilt and shame.

Buying Clothes For My "Today Body" 

So here I am in my “today” body.

Nothing could have prepared me for either of my births.

My Birth Stories: The Blooper Reel

What I was not prepared for was this. When it was time to give birth to the placenta, gross thing really, it just kind of flops out and they drop it into a bucket. Splat.

What kind of a mother am I? How do people really see me?

What Kind Of Mother Am I?

The girls had their first night at dance class last week.

Some tips on what to do when dealing with a child phase that is not your fave.

Warning To New Parents: You May Not Like Every Phase

So, it's likely you won't love every stage your child goes through… and that’s actually okay.