Sadly, I know I'm not the only one who was hurt by Logan Paul's video.

Why Logan Paul's Suicide Victim Video Hurts People Like Me

Sadly, I know I'm not the only one who was hurt by Logan Paul's video. I know because it's a hurt shared by so many survivors of suicide. Read...
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Lush issues a half-baked apology that should never have been necessary in the first place. (Image Credit: Instagram/@lush)

Lush: More Bathbombs, Less Fat Shaming

The pictures Lush posted are media that was created by the film company — and the film is inherently problematic in terms of “diversity and inclusion Read...
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You have a right to exist in this world.

Just Stop Being Sorry

Last month, I heard my kid say "I'm sorry" to a complete stranger at Target for no reason. He didn't bump her, he didn't use his outside voice Read...
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Why Gigi Hadid Should Not Apologize To Melania Trump 

“I love my husband President Barack Obama and our children, Sasha and Malia,” ”These are the words that launched a hate campaign against poor Gigi Read...
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Kaley Cuoco's Not A Feminist Because She's Never Faced Inequality? The Internet Suggests Otherwise  

According to Cuoco, gender inequality doesn't exist—stories analyzing her butt, boobs, and dating life apparently notwithstanding. Read...
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Chris Brown's Depravity By The Numbers

It doesn't take a mathematician to determine our culture is seriously messed up for (consistently) promoting this (totally) awful performer. Read...
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Why Rolling Stone's Rape Story Apology Is Irresponsible

The magazine is wrong to turn its back on a possible sexual assault victim. Read...
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Snoop Dog's Instagram

Snoop Dogg Apologizes To Iggy Azalea, Is Still A Huge Ass

When a man calls a woman ugly, a cunt and a bitch, he deserves to be held accountable for it. Even if he is the beloved Snoop Dogg. Read...
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