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“Just feel it,” my friend said. “Take it as your father speaking to you, telling you how much he loves you.” (Image via YouTube)

"This Is Us" Mirrors Watching My Absent Black Father Die of Cancer

When This Is Us debuted, I was all in. What I didn’t expect is that it would touch my heartstrings in a way I hadn’t prepared for. Read...
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Though my father meant it as a compliment, the word “othered” my mother, younger sisters, and me.

When Your White Father Calls You "Exotic"

For years, my white father called my mother’s beauty an “exotic” beauty. When I started to come into my own, he began calling me “exotic,” too. It Read...
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Visiting My In-Laws Is Like An Episode Of I Love Lucy

I try. I really do. But whenever I attempt to embrace my husband Peter’s Cuban culture, I always screw up. Read...
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"Swirling" vs. Same Race Relationships — Will We Ever Reach a Post-Race America?

Even in today's progressive era, why do so many people prefer same race relationships...and should it even matter? Read...
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The Great and Powerful Tube: Is T.V. Helping America Conquer Racism?

We’ve come a long way since the duo-chromatic days of black and white TV. The Read...
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