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Becoming Bride: My Wedding Is Next Week

Arran and I joke that no one wants to go to a wedding, not really— and maybe that’s true, but (perhaps naively) we had thought of the day as a gift Read...
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No, I don't want a see-through wedding gown.

Say No To The Dress: My Awful Experience At Kleinfeld

Why did Kleinfeld treat me like I was buying a used car, and let me leave the store with nothing but a headache (and, frankly, a hankering for some Read...
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Ladies love Oscar, for all the right reasons. Courtesy of, Facebook

We Say Goodbye To Oscar de la Renta: Designer, Philanthropist, Feminist

Oscar de la Renta was an iconic designer and so much more than that. Read...
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Guilty Pleasure Fashion: Play Wedding Day Dress Up with Kim Kardashian

It's Friday. Why not kill time by guessing what Kim will wear for her European wedding bash this weekend? Read...
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