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Planning A Threesome Allowed Me To Take Control Of My Sexuality

When my husband planned an anniversary trip to Las Vegas, he was thinking about live music and long drives through the southwest. I thought of something else: a threesome with the two of us and hired help. Read...
image credit Bailey Gibson via Instagram

A 23-Year-Old Woman From Wisconsin Is Auctioning Her Virginity And I Am Here For It

Bailey Gibson is untouched and has the doctor’s note to prove it. And yes, she’s auctioning her virginity to the highest bidder.

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The Violent Threat Police Pose To Brazilian Sex Workers

“There are no human rights for prostitutes. They don't recognize us as humans."


Let Airbnb Turn Your Apartment into a Brothel!

Airbnb helps NYPD bust a prostitution ring...we can all agree this was like, inevitable right?


Behold! Japan and their Awesome Penis Festival

Thank you, Japan, for continuing to shock us with awesome weirdness. May we all kneel before the giant phallus of love and health in gratitude.