This chocolate cake is pretty darn tasty, and a great treat for your summer gatherings.

#RavsRecipes: Chocolate Pecan Fudge Cake

Rosa made a chocolate cake with cinnamon and pecans that still haunts my dreams and my tastebuds, 20 years later. Here, I've tried to recreate it.


Berlin Clubs Are Using Chocolate (Yes, Chocolate) As A Party Drug

There’s a new drug hitting the hottest clubs in Europe, and I suspect it’ll soon cross the pond to America. Or maybe it’s already here — in your cabinet, desk drawer, or the end-caps at your grocery store.

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The Taste of Inequality: Chocolate is Too Expensive for Many Cocoa Farmers to Eat

A new viral video shows Ivory Coast cocoa farmers enjoying chocolate for the very first time.


The Horror! Mississippi Sex-Ed Fails its Youth, Teen Pregnancy Still Staggering

After one teacher's attempt to "teach" her students about sex using a melting chocolate bar, parents are up in arms about the state's increasingly shoddy sex education.


Glorious Newsflash: Eating Chocolate Will Not Make You a Fat Miserable Old Maid

The New York Times is the latest outlet to make us feel guilty for loving chocolate. But how can it be so wrong when it feels so right?