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What It Looks Like To Be A 29-Year-Old Unmarried Virgin Evangelical Feminist In 2017

A man who loves Jesus, believes in waiting for sex, and cares about intersectional feminism? That’s hard to find in Evangelicalism (although Read...
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I’m Not The Only One Who Lost Faith

In my youth, our church was a place of liberal political pride for me. Jesus was a role model for helping others. The man who sexually abused me also Read...
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"My particular brand of existence means allowing belief and non-belief to coexist peacefully alongside one another, just as Shintoism and Buddhism do in Japan — just as I must with my past."

Voodoo and Televangelism: A Black Woman's Journey To Atheism

I was probably the most religious kid you ever met. I genuinely believed in God, the way that most kids believe in Sunday morning cartoons and Read...
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When Branden came along, we decided not to baptize him; I just didn’t believe our sweet baby was born in sin. Image: Juan Carlos Leva/PEXELS.

Religion vs. Motherhood: Why I Doubt My Choices

I am still a very spiritual person, but don’t necessarily agree with a lot of the things I was taught growing up — or the way it was shoved down our Read...
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The nones are coming.

Are We Losing Our Religion?: The Growing Classification Of None

Part of the problem with defining yourself in negatives (i.e. not religious) is that it’s hard to pinpoint what you actually do stand for. Read...
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3 Misperceptions About LGBT Kids In Christian Schools

As misinformation about sexuality passes through the churches, it’s only natural that it lands at Christian schools. Read...
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10 Reasons Why Christian Men Should Not Marry Me

In response to "10 Women Christian Men Should Not Marry," I bring you my own helpful list . . . Read...
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New Study Reveals Surprising Link Between Religion and Drunken Violence

According to new research, the more religious the person, the more violent they become after imbibing. Read...
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